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Expedition Sloep

Are you going to buy a sloop?

Buying the tender or sloop that suits you best can be quite an expedition. When searching, it is important to consider the material, the drive and, for example, headroom. But you can also compare the various tender and sloop brands.

You can purchase a tender or sloop from the specialists and dealers below. And they offer more: knowledge, personal attention and service. Which dealer do you prefer? Search on the map, or view the overview of boat dealers in the Netherlands.

Expedition Sloep

Company information sloops companies

Holland Marine Service

HMS has its own sales port and 30 years of experience in ship brokerage. HMS can answer all your questions regarding the purchase / sale, valuation of ships.

  • Holland Marine Service
    Harderhaven 40
    3898 LN Zeewolde
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  • 2798

JVG Watersport BV

JVG Watersport is happy to welcome you in their showroom, where the team will keep you informed of the latest developments in water sports and pleasure craft. All employees are specially there to answer all your questions and show you the latest models and occasions. At Jan van Gent and Heemhorst Watersport you will find manufacturing, total maintenance on diesel engines (full-fledged Yanmar dealer), cleaning, repair, storage and a storage warehouse at an address. This brings the fantastic experience of carefree water sports within reach.

  • JVG Watersport BV
    Oosteinderweg 123c
    1432 AH Aalsmeer
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  • 2695

Boat center

The Sloepen Center was established with the aim of offering a total solution for the current skipper. They offer every opportunity to make your life easier. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, Sloepencentrum is a reliable partner in the field of purchasing, sales and maintenance of boats, sloops and engines.

  • Boat center
    Lock area 49
    1911 BC Uitgeest
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  • 2000870

Schepenkring Krekelberg Nautic

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Schepenkring Krekelberg Nautic
    Hertenerweg 2
    6049 AA DEER
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  • 1740

Loosdrecht Yachting

We specialize in the sale of motor yachts, cutters and barges in the length class from 10 to 15 meters. In our sales marina, we offer a varied selection from 50 to 100 throughout the year by our selected yachts.

You will find: Aquanaut, Vacance, Falcon, Grand Banks, Smelne, Bege, etc.

  • Loosdrecht Yachting
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 165
    1231 LV Loosdrecht
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  • 3736

Schepenkring Delta Marina Kortgene

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Schepenkring Delta Marina Kortgene
    4484 NV KORTGENE
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  • 5755

Delta Yacht

Delta Yacht is passionate and specialized in water sports. In and around the yard in Colijnsplaat, located at the Oosterschelde nature reserve, Delta Yacht performs all possible activities to keep your yacht in top condition. From maintenance and storage to renovation and brokerage. Always heading in the right direction!

  • Delta Yacht
    Jachthavenweg 5
    4486 CZ Colijnsplaat
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  • 1533

Jachtwerf Oost bv

Jachtwerf Oost is mainly known for its Oostvaarders and since 1968 known as builder of these striking Oostvaarders: tough, robust and seaworthy yachts, which have found their way to all parts of the world. Since the first ship started, more than 120 have been built.

  • Jachtwerf Oost bv
    Ljouwerterdyk 37
    8491 GB Akkrum
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  • 3855

Beekhuis Yachtbrokers

Beekhuis Yachtbrokers originated in 2015 from more than 20 years of experience as a yacht broker, thanks to this experience you are at the right place for your boat. All experience that Beekhuis has gained in his 20 years of experience, he has incorporated into his company. They work on the basis of 'No cure, No pay'. Also; no sales, no costs!

  • Beekhuis Yachtbrokers
    Meidoornlaan 8
    7875 BM Exloo
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  • 2001080

Boatingworld Almere - Heba

Boatingworld Almere (HEBA AQUASPORT) THE BIGGEST WATERSPORT STORE OF FLEVOLAND Importer of Stingray and Nuova Jolly boats and dealer of: Zodiac, Suzumar, GALLEGARI, Suzuki service point, Mercury, Yamaha, Mercruiser, Volvo service point, Trailer rental, Boat rental, Winter storage, Maintenance, Overhaul.

  • Boatingworld Almere - Heba
    1351 AH ALMERE
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  • 1604

Van der Vlies Nautic

Specialist in classic ships and sloops. You can contact us for: rental, maintenance, repair, restoration, new construction, brokerage and storage.

  • Van der Vlies Nautic
    Hensonweg 10
    4462GV Goes
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  • 3873

BoLa Maritime

Bola Maritiem BV in Monster has affordable and high quality boats and boats for sale for a relaxing day out or a weekend away on the water. In addition to the well-known open boat, we also supply comfortable cabin liners of our own design at very competitive prices. The big advantage of a cabinsloop is a toilet on board and you can stay overnight on the boat.

  • BoLa Maritime
    Jupiter 81
    2685 LV Poeldijk
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  • 5285

Smalland Maritime

We are happy to help you with the purchase and sale of your boat and various maintenance activities. In addition to the Tempo 625 and the Tempo 850, we regularly have used cars for sale such as sloops and console boats. Smalland Maritiem is also the right place to be for maintenance of your current boat. Craftsmanship and the wishes of the customer are our top priority.

  • Smalland Maritime
    Oud-Loosdrechtsedijk 113B
    1231 LS Loosdrecht
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  • 29d1f2ff-1ab9-4143-8d1f-b5df915206eb

Amsterdam Nautic Int. Yacht brokers

Amsterdam Nautic is a young and active yacht brokerage, with experienced certified yacht brokers. They specialize in the purchase and sale of sloops, motor boats and sailing yachts up to approx. 60 meters. Thanks to the collaboration with other brokers, they have a large reach and thus considerably strengthen the online position. The sales harbor of Amsterdam Nautic is in a prime location right next to the marina office of the Amsterdam Marina and next to the head office of the Hiswa.

  • Amsterdam Nautic Int. Yacht brokers
    Werfkade 6
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  • 2001489

Krijgsman Watersport

Krijgsman Watersport specializes in sloops & tenders and a recognized dealer of well-known brands such as CORSIVA, STOUT, PRIMEUR, STEELFISH, OUDHUIJZER, TOPCRAFT, WATERSPOOR and RIGA. Visit our showroom. 6500 m2 full of sloops and tenders at only 10 car minutes from Amsterdam!

  • Krijgsman Watersport
    Lead road 3
    1525 RH West Knollendam (Zaanstad)
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  • 7772

Geijsman Jachthaven BV

  • Geijsman Jachthaven BV
    Zanddijk 5
    3233 XJ Oostvoorne
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  • 1582


Van Roeden watersports sell sloops, tour boats, fishing boats, launch boats and sailing yachts, but also outboard motors, electric motors and accessories, boat trailers and much more. So if you want to buy a boat or sloop, then you've come to the right place at van Roeden! You can also contact Van Roeden for a berth in the quiet harbor, winter storage for your boat (inside / outside) and all maintenance and repair work on your boat.

    8621 CV HEEG
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  • 8331

Weco Sloepen

A WECO SLIP: TIMELESS, CLASSIC AND CHIQUE! The Weco sloops have been an integral part of Dutch waters since the late 471s. You can recognize these beautiful classic sloops from afar! The small Weco 825 or the large Weco XNUMX can both be recognized by the overboard hull with cable ring and stainless steel finishing caps.

  • Weco Sloepen
    Veerpolder 61-67
    2361 KZ WARMOND
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  • 2000713

Mason Yachting

Klaaskamp 4-7
8531 XE Lemmer

+0031 (0) 6 532 501 92


  • Mason Yachting
    Klaaskamp 4
    8531 XE Lemmer
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  • 1723

Corvette Yacht brokerage

Korvet specializes in the successful purchase and sale of polyester sloops and motor yachts up to 15 meters. The Korvet team does everything to make the purchase and sale of your boat as pleasant and smooth as possible. They offer different packages so that you can choose where Korvet helps: From the start package to the premium package where they literally take care of everything. Regardless of which package you choose, they always help you in a professional, personal and enthusiastic way.

  • Corvette Yacht brokerage
    Scheendijk 23
    3621 VC BREAK
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  • 2001510


Stoop Jachtbouw, builder of the Enkhuizen sloops and Tenders, quality sloops with a genuine character of the original lifeboat. For more than 25 years, Stoop has been building sloops, tenders and cruisers in a traditional and purely Dutch way. All unique ships that are built by hand according to the specification of the client. Ships that are suitable for pleasure craft as well as for commercial shipping, because only the best materials are used.

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  • 3263

De Zuidschor Watersport BV

The Zuidschor Watersport welcomes you in Wolphaartsdijk.
Through the polders, behind the dike is the most versatile nautical company of John Siemerink and Petra Meijaard.

An 800m2 large packed water sports store with clothing, sales and mediation of all kinds of ships and open sailing boats, a yacht service, not to mention the construction, and rental of sloops on the beautiful Veerse Meer in Zeeland.
7 Days per week, all year round, we are open for you from 09: 00 17: 30 hours.

We look forward to seeing you in our store; for a good advice, a nice purchase, or a nice cup of coffee at the bar!

  • De Zuidschor Watersport BV
    Sand creek road 5
    4471 NG Wolphaartsdijk
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  • 2000828


The market has changed enormously in recent years and buying or selling a boat is no longer that simple due to the difficult market conditions. It is necessary to tackle the sale of boats professionally and to think very carefully about marketing. Time to contact Arie Drenth, the owner of Bestboats. They would like to inform you further about this during a personal conversation. They take care of everything that is important when buying or selling a yacht!

  • BestBoats
    Maashaven 4
    6041 TB Roermond
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  • 2000007

Marine Service Aad van der Ploeg

The shipyard of Marine Service Aad van der Ploeg is located in Fort Kudelstaart on the Westeinder ponds near Aalsmeer. Marine Service Aad van der Ploeg is fully equipped to keep your ship in excellent condition.

  • Marine Service Aad van der Ploeg
    Kudelstaartseweg 96
    1433 GL Poodle tail
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  • 1790

Van Zelst Watersport

Van Zelst Watersport BV was founded 45 years ago by mr. van Zelst himself and still is mr. van Zelst fully active in water sports! Van Zelst Watersport expanded enormously from the start and imports from Canada, Poland and America, among others. In addition, they also deliver in and outside of Europe. The company is located in Zoetermeer with an area of ​​no less than 10.000m2! Here you will find a very large assortment of boats, engines, trailers and parts. Van Zelst Watersport is actually at home in all markets.

  • Van Zelst Watersport
    Voorweg 161
    2716 NJ Zoetermeer
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  • 3363

Jan Watersport

Jan Watersport searches, sells and buys beautiful motorized boats and vessels. Quality, service and a decent price are of paramount importance to Jan Watersport. They are therefore always looking for neat boats for sale, such as: motor boats, console boats, speed boats and ex work ships.

  • Jan Watersport
    Dr. Anton Philipsstraat 44
    7903 AM Hoogeveen
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  • 2001210

Mared Marine

Mared Marine is a dynamic company with a clear vision: Our customers determine our success! Mared Marine is the address for new and young used sloops, yachts and sport boats. We are also the address for mediation, winter storage and maintenance.

  • Mared Marine
    Setheweg 47
    7942 LA Meppel
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  • 4747


iSloep is the equivalent of enjoying on the water. Every boat has the same combination of good sailing characteristics, comfort, contemporary design and attractive prices. All boats have the CE safety mark because, like you, we place high demands on our products. This means that every sloop and tender is already completely complete. In Alphen aan den Rijn we have a large showroom and in our production workshop exclusively professionals work on your boat. Take the test and get on board for a trial run! Call 0172 416 763 for more information or visit our showroom ...

  • Isloep
    Horn 316
    2404 HL Alphen a / d Rijn
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  • 7200

Schepenkring Yacht brokers Lelystad

Come to one of the 7 Shipping Centers for the purchase of your yacht. You can choose from a wide range of good construction sites. FOR MORE INFO: WWW.SCHEPENKRING.NL

  • Schepenkring Yacht brokers Lelystad
    Parkhaven 3
    8242 PE Lelystad
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  • 3570

The Boathouse

Are you looking for a new or second-hand boat? Or do you want to get rid of your boat? The Boathouse in Leimuiden mediates in the purchase and sale of sloops and motorboats. Go to the boat offer if you are looking for a boat or contact us if you want to sell your boat.

  • The Boathouse
    Westerdijk 20B
    2451 VB Leimuiden
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  • 7936

Aqua Marina Yacht Mediation

Since 1977, Aqua Marina has been a reliable broker when it comes to ships in many shapes and sizes. In the sales harbor there is a varying range of on average 30 vessels in every price range. In our wake you also benefit from high quality and far-reaching service. Because despite their diversity, our vessels have one thing in common: they are all vessels of the purest water!

  • Aqua Marina Yacht Mediation
    Meersweg 26
    9001 BH Grou
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  • 1463

Smelne Yachtcenter BV

Smelne Yachtcentre is already one of the most flexible shipyards in the Netherlands! Smelne offers a very wide choice of 37 models that they build entirely to your liking, all luxury steel motor yachts of high quality. In addition, they have 2.400 m2 space for winter storage, approximately 90 berths in the harbor and 36 covered berths in the Smelne Marina. All in all, Smelne Yachtcentre is the versatile address for: New construction, sales mediation, winter storage and maintenance.

  • Smelne Yachtcenter BV
    The Steven 26
    9206 AX Drachten
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  • 2717

Zeeland Boats BV

If you want to buy a boat, you have come to the right place at Zeeland Boats. Our range includes various types of boats. For example, Zeeland Boats has console boats, sloops and tenders, ribs and rubber boats and sports boats. We have console boats in lengths of approximately 4 to 7 meters. The console boats that you can buy at Zeeland Boats are from the Prins brand and have engines from 70 HP to 200 HP. The sizes of the boats differ from each other. This is also the case with the type of engine, the maximum number of people that can get on the boat, the empty weight and so on. To find out more about these characteristics, it is best to consult our range. In addition to console boats, there are also sloops and tenders for sale at Zeeland Boats. The models we have are 4 Family, Primeur and Stout. The sloops and tenders have an inboard motor or an outboard motor. Sloops and tenders are perfect for a quiet day on the water or a sporty afternoon. The sloops and tender are also for sale including an engine. For this it is best to consult the range to see what the possibilities are. Ribs and rubber boats are also for sale at Zeeland Boats. You can choose the models with an aluminum bottom or a hard bottom. A Rib has a hard bottom and a rubber boat a soft bottom. The brands and types we have are from Honwave, Zodiac Cadet and Zodiac Medline. The ribs and rubber boats that you can buy at Zeeland Boats have a beautiful shape, which makes them extra comfortable to sail. The fact that the ribs and rubber boats are equipped with the latest techniques also contribute to this. View our range to view all possibilities. Finally, there is the category of sports boats. Our sports boat of the brand Phantom with the type 21ft falls under this category. The maximum engine power is 250 HP and the type of engine is a long tail. With a length of 6,40 meters and a width of 1,72 meters, it can accommodate up to 5 people. This Phantom speedboat that you can buy at Zeeland Boats is very light and fast. Click on this boat to view more specific details about this speedboat.

  • Zeeland Boats BV
    Uijterschootweg 22
    4338 PN Middelburg
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  • b5235645-21dd-4240-be65-1db3e2a04296

Yacht brokerage Serry Loosdrecht

At Yacht brokerage firm Serry Loosdrecht, water sport is in the blood. That's why they know exactly what their customers think is important; craftsmanship, commitment and service. At the well-equipped yard they can take care of all common work in the field of maintenance, repair and damage repair. They also help you through the entire sales process.

  • Yacht brokerage Serry Loosdrecht
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 249
    1231 LX Loosdrecht
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  • 1998

Veba Watersport

  • Veba Watersport
    Jachthavenweg 44
    1081 KA Amsterdam
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  • 1860

Water sports Randstad

Water sports Randstad is a full service water sports company located in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Our full service consists of sales of sloops & console boats, outboard motors and accessories. Repair of boats & motorcycles, maintenance of boats & motorcycles and storage. We specialize in electric sailing.

  • Water sports Randstad
    Westringdijk 23
    2913 LK Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
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  • 7761

Jansma Jacht Sneek BV

Jansma Jacht is a progressive and dynamic water sports company. Jansma Jacht is also the dealer for the Benelux of Bavaria motorboats and the Bavaria Nautitech catamarans. The showroom and the sales harbor of the A1 location in Sneek is ideal for an optimal presentation of Bavaria models. With an enthusiastic and qualified sales team, Jansma Jacht can perfectly help and inform you.

  • Jansma Jacht Sneek BV
    Zwolmansweg 24
    8606 KC Sneek
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  • 1642

Bonnema Watersport

Discover the Loosdrecht Lakes and De Vecht with a sloop, motor boat or explore the nature around the Vuntusplas by canoe or row boat with a boat from Bonnema Watersport. Or how about relaxing on our sampan (drink) boat or an active day with one of our pedal canoes? At Bonnema Watersport you can rent various types of boats. You can also contact us for renting bicycles or obtaining a fishing license.

  • Bonnema Watersport
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 272c
    1231 NK Loosdrecht
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  • 6209

Ad Spek water sports

Ad Spek watersports in Leidschendam mediated in used boats and is a yard for new boats. At the wharf in South Holland you will find motor yachts and sailing boats. Ad Spek Water Sports Ad Spek Water Sports located in Leidschendam (between Leiden and Voorschoten) mediated in various new and used boats. At the wharf in South Holland you will find sloops, console, motor and sailing boats ..

  • Ad Spek water sports
    Rietpolderweg 2
    2266 BM Leidschendam
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  • 3516

North-Line & Kuster Yachts

North-Line Yachts has been based at the Van Harinxmakanaal in Harlingen since 2012. This is the place where Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen, founded in 1976, has made way for North-Line Yachts and has grown into an all-round yacht yard. In 2015, North-Line Yachts has taken over Consonant Yachts and has continued the construction of Kuster motor yachts under the name Kuster Yachts. In addition to the new construction of the North-Line and Kuster motor yachts, the yard also focuses on maintenance, repair, paneling, winter storage, yacht brokerage and berths. All facilities are available at the shipyard complex to be able to produce a ship itself from start to finish.

  • North-Line & Kuster Yachts
    Kelvinstraat 2
    8861 ND Harlingen
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  • 8407

Just Marine BV

Just Marine are the specialists in the field of outboard engine repair and can make the engine run like a charm again. They service Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Johnson, Tohatsu, Mariner, Suzuki, Honda, Volvo, Yanmar, Vetus, OMC outboard engines. They also supply new and used outboard motors.

  • Just Marine BV
    Nijverheidsstraat 11A
    1704RA Heerhugowaard
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  • 2001522


Jachthaven Achterbos is importer of Asloep / Atender and B & C lifestyle boats. This beautiful collection is located in the showroom at Jachthaven Achterbos in Vinkeveen.

    BACKROX 22 B
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  • 3471

De Drijfveer & Tusken de Marren

Looking for a new boat? View our offer! Is your ship there? Please contact us and welcome to Akkrum. In the middle of Friesland, perfectly accessible by rail and highway.

  • De Drijfveer & Tusken de Marren
    Ulbe Twijnstrawei 31
    8491 CJ AKKRUM
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  • 3964

Yachtbroker 4Beaufort

Yacht broker 4Beaufort shares your passion for water. And from that passion we would like to help you find the right yacht or to find a new owner for your yacht. We like clear agreements, honesty and reliability.

  • Yachtbroker 4Beaufort
    Visiting address: Selfhelpweg 9
    8607 AB Sneek
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  • 2001446

Jan Korteland Watersport

Jan Korteland Water Sports has been a very versatile and dedicated family business since 1972. They help you as a reliable partner with the purchase and maintenance of your boat and outboard motor. In the showroom you will find various brands and models and they help with a very customer-oriented look.

  • Jan Korteland Watersport
    Polderstraat 9
    2952 AK Alblasserdam
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  • 1668

Brunia Watersports

Are you looking for a new or used boat then you are at the right place at Brunia Watersport. Brunia Watersport has a whole collection of boats in its assortment with, among other things, rubber boats, RIBs, console boats, speed boats and fishing boats. We are the official importer of Swedish Micore and Finnish AMT boats.

  • Brunia Watersports
    9 spike road
    8256 RJ Biddinghuizen
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  • 7452


Damarin yacht building is a traditional family business. All models are designed, built and delivered by the van Dam family. The counter is now on such 300 boats. Most sail in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, France, Finland, USA and Switzerland. Damarin has been very innovative since the start in 1995. Ballast systems for lower passage are a few examples of this. The Damarin shipyard is located directly on the Canalized Hollandse IJssel.

  • Damarin
    Goejanverwelledijk 36
    2807 CC Gouda
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  • 3717

Tendercenter BV

You are very welcome to come and see the new building and the boats at Tendercenter. They have a wide range of new and used sport boats, sloops, sport cruisers and inflatable boats on hand. New and used boats from various brands are ready and cleaned for viewing. You will always find a diverse, wide and young selection of the various well-known brands at Tendercenter.

  • Tendercenter BV
    Lighthouse road 18
    8531 HJ LEMMER
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  • 2001479

Daisys Dream Boats

Daisy's Dreamboats is the largest importer of second-hand American Sportsboats in the Netherlands. Because of their many years of experience they can offer the optimum service and offer. They are also ready for CE inspections, parts, minor repairs and maintenance.

  • Daisys Dream Boats
    Canal road west side 23
    3221 LK Hellevoetsluis
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  • 4491

Unique Boat Design

Unique Boat Design specializes in the construction and sale of sloops and console boats. We are official dealer of: - Corsiva - Damarin - Admiral - Riviera - We have a wide range of products in our heated showroom. We guarantee reliable and honest advice.

  • Unique Boat Design
    Buijs Ballotstraat 2
    2693BE 's-Gravenzande
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  • 7729

Tiger Marine Center

  • Tiger Marine Center
    Delftweg 129
    3043 NH Rotterdam
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  • 2001115

Beekman Watersport BV

Beekman Watersport BV, Kloetingseweg 5, 4462 AT GOES.
Tel: 0113-227383

  • Beekman Watersport BV
    Kloetingseweg 5
    4462 AT Goes
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  • 1474

Aluva Boats

ALUVA is a brand of aluminum boats made by a Dutch manufacturer. Every aluminum boat from ALUVA is an "in-house" design and is welded and assembled in the production hall in Zwartsluis. Although ALUVA boats come in different categories and with different destinations, one component is always the same: the quality! An aluminum boat from ALUVA has a high quality finish and is built with an eye for detail.

  • Aluva Boats
    The Old Deep 8
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  • 2001493

Jachthaven Poelgeest BV

The core activities of Jachthaven Poelgeest consist of selling, maintaining and storing sloops, tenders and motor boats. In the showroom you can always see a wide range of top quality sloops and cruisers and the time is taken to inform you extensively. Of course a trial run is also always possible, this can be done by appointment or during one of the trial run weekends.

  • Jachthaven Poelgeest BV
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  • 1793

Ball Watersport

At Bal Watersport you can find everything about the winter storage and maintenance of your boat. During winter storage they can perform various maintenance work on your ship. From laying an entirely new Teak deck to painting the ship. They also specialize in yacht interior, polyester and wood. In addition, Bal watersport is a reliable partner in selling your yacht, dinghy or rubber boat.

  • Ball Watersport
    Village road 40b
    4311 RL Bruinisse
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  • 4480


eSailing is a modern yacht broker. Your ship is presented as much as possible on the internet and social media. ESailing consists of three completely independent locations throughout the Netherlands. ESailing has grown very successfully in recent years and has found a new owner for many ships. You get personal guidance from your own yacht broker. Esailing has many international contacts and therefore there is a lot of international interest in the ships that are sold at eSailing.

  • eSailing
    Indoor delta 11M
    1261 WZ Blaricum
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  • 5594


SEAFURY distinguishes itself with very solid, trend-setting sloops with the right price-quality ratio. Thanks to the proven hull shape, stability and special course stability are guaranteed. The sailing characteristics of all our models are therefore experienced as pleasant and relaxing. With over 10 years of experience, high quality finishes and constant development, they build a SEAFURY compiled by you with passion.

    2223 KD KATWIJK ZH
    show on map
  • 3925

Watersport Paradise

Water sports Paradise Kolvenbach with its 3000m² showroom full of various brands of pontoon boats, motor cruisers, speed boats, watercraft is a unique place to orient yourself on the purchase of a rubber boat to a motor cruiser in all price ranges.

  • Watersport Paradise
    Engelsweg 219
    5705 AE Helmond
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  • 1664

Watersport Reinders

We are a company specialized in affordable new and used sloops, sports boats and rubber boats. We currently carry the sloops of Admiral Boats, these are beautiful luxury sloops with a good price and quality ratio. Of course we do not only have boats, accessories, trailers, outboard engines and electric motors. In short, a complete package for the water sports enthusiast. We like to think along with you and would like to advise and assist you in making a choice. Of course you can also contact us for the maintenance of your outboard. Follow us on twitter, become friends with us on facebook or like our Facebook page. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReindersBoten Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Watersport-Reinders

  • Watersport Reinders
    Main street 9
    9686 VE Beerta
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  • 8e91a57e-d8b2-4507-a872-e3010f2f6788

Van Dijk Watersport

Van Dijk Watersport the sloops specialist of Groningen Our range of sloops and tenders has been composed with the utmost care based on the wishes of the modern water sports enthusiast: boats and motorbikes where pleasure is paramount. Why Van Dijk Watersport? Expert advice and personal contact Range of boats composed with the utmost care Test sailing is always possible and without obligation High customer satisfaction: 9.1 from 110+ reviews

  • Van Dijk Watersport
    The Construction 18
    9951 SJ Winsum
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  • 36398e82-6cf0-4a52-b0e3-2a6ebd65d874

Spang Watersport

Our company focuses on the sale of old and young used boats. All our boats are in good condition in good condition!

  • Spang Watersport
    Stephenson Street 98
    7903 AW Hoogeveen
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  • 3911

Berkshire International Holding

Verkoophaven Prinsenland, for purchase and sale of all types of vessels.

  • Berkshire International Holding
    Sasdijk 2d
    4671 RN Dinteloord
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  • 3395


For years, Interboat has been building its characteristic sloops according to the rules of Old Dutch craftsmanship. In addition to high stability and optimum comfort, the low clearance height is the biggest plus of this purely Dutch product. That is why Interboat is the only boat manufacturer to provide an 10 year-long polyester warranty.

  • Interboat
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 181
    1231 LV Loosdrecht
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  • 1636

Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV

Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV is a small-scale marina that has 16 berths and various rental boats for water sports enthusiasts with luxury wishes. The marina is in a quiet location, right next to 'Finley Het Witte Huis' and has a magnificent view over the water. The marina is equipped with professionally installed camera security for day and night surveillance. Take a look around on the Dijkzicht website for the possibilities to buy, rent or store a boat. In addition, you can also come to Dijkzicht for maintenance and repairs to your boat.

  • Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV
    Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 240 A
    show on map
  • 2001503

Boat Import Holland BV

Boat Import Holland is a company that specializes in the import and wholesale of new polyester boats. Among other things, they import Topcraft boats from Poland and they are importers of the Brazilian sport boat line Style. In addition, they have started the development and production of Oud Huijzer sloops.

  • Boat Import Holland BV
    Meeboerserf 5
    3851 SR Ermelo
    show on map
  • 1621

Rozeboom water sports

  • Rozeboom water sports
    Wipstraat 23
    show on map
  • b30dd83d-e9dc-4f42-a01c-662dc53496e1

BJ - Boats

BJ-Boten in Grou has been selling new and used boats with the right engines and trailers for many years. The specialty is mainly in the popular polyester boats from 4 to 7 meters. Here they have a nice and modern stock. In addition, they also offer various options to personalize your own boat!

  • BJ - Boats
    Singel 48
    9001 XP Grou
    show on map
  • 2001534

FlevoNautica Almere

FlevoNautica is a family business for lovers of water sports. FlevoNautica is run by two passionate water sports entrepreneurs. They know better than anyone how you are 'at home' on the water, but also how incredibly fun it is. Together with their employees they would like to be of service!

  • FlevoNautica Almere
    1333 MS ALMERE
    show on map
  • 6435


As a water sports enthusiast you have the best job when the hobby has got out of hand. That is the case with the family company Bmarine. They now do much more than purchase, sale and brokerage. They have grown into a full service water sports company. Bmarine relieves you with a team of real boat enthusiasts and a complete service. With berths, winter storage, maintenance, repairs, insurance and advice.

  • Bmarine
    Singel 12
    9001 XP Grou
    show on map
  • 5239

Twins Watersport

Visit by appointment

  • Twins Watersport
    Westerweiden 7
    7961 EA Ruinerwold
    show on map
  • 2001526

Yacht broker Nicolaas Witsen

  • Yacht broker Nicolaas Witsen
    Kraspolderweg 2
    1821 BW Alkmaar
    show on map
  • 20ee00ef-68b6-46dc-8053-3f7a5d40fa4b

Peekstok BV

Are you looking for a used sports boat? Then you've come to the right place at Peekstok. Peekstok has been involved in the purchase and sale of used sports boats for years. They meet a selection of various neat boats at competitive prices.

  • Peekstok BV
    Van der Waalsweg 25
    3241 ME Middelharnis
    show on map
  • 7312

Cooperyacht BV

Cooperyacht stands for: pleasure in boating. If you want to lounge on the water, go fast, or go for spectacular sailing we offer a nice range of boats. At our own shipyard we produce motorboats, tenders and sailboats to your taste. Colors, materials and equipment you can choose to create your own dream.

  • Cooperyacht BV
    Angstel quay 2a
    3631 NA Nieuwersluis
    show on map
  • 2001151

BBS Watersport

Since 1999, BBS Watersport specializes in the purchase and sale of boats and motorcycles and the maintenance and repair of these. Originally located at the Burgemeester de Meesterstraat in Harderwijk, but in the meantime moved to the beautiful Harderhaven in Zeewolde. Over the years, our expertise has evolved and we are a current dealer of: Oud Huijzer, Topcraft, Style and Tohatsu.

  • BBS Watersport
    Harderhaven 54
    3898 LN Zeewolde
    show on map
  • 3556

Reineman Watersport

Reineman Watersport is a true all-round service provider in the field of water sports. The staff will provide you with expert advice on the purchase and sale of your boat. But you are also at the right place for winter storage and maintenance at Reineman Watersport. In addition to all the different services, they are also Dealer and Importer of various brands: Fjord, Keizer Yachts, Nautique and XO Boats.

  • Reineman Watersport
    Zwolsmanweg 4
    8606 KC Sneek
    show on map
  • 1832

Prins Watersport BV

Prince Water Sports in Nijkerk is a full service water sports company for sales, maintenance and storage. In the spacious showroom you will find a wide range of sloops, tenders, ribs, sports boats, Prins console boats, Pega trailers and various brands of outboard engines. Of course you can also go there for wakeboards, water skis, tubes, life jackets and wetsuits. The Prince Watersports team are enthusiastic people who are happy to help you make your dreams come true!

  • Prins Watersport BV
    Locker 24
    3861 SN Nijkerk
    show on map
  • 4529

AVR Watersport

Since 2003, AVR watersports has rapidly developed into a leading sloops and tender specialist in the Dutch watersports world. An 600m2 large showroom shows different model lines with which every boatman or enthusiast of a fast tender can be guaranteed to find what fits best with the available budget, sailing area and sailing behavior.

  • AVR Watersport
    Coenecoop 139
    2741 PJ Waddinxveen
    show on map
  • 4791

Nauta Maritime

You can contact us for the purchase of sloops to consol boats, rental of trailers and purchase of accessories for your boat.
In addition to sales, our company specializes in maintenance and storage of your boat.

  • Nauta Maritime
    Hoge Rijndijk 215-217
    2382 AL Zoeterwoude Rijndijk
    show on map
  • 5287

Sloop specialist

SLOEPENSPECIALIST.NL is the sloops specialist of the Alblasserwaard and surroundings. Located in a brand new building with a showroom of more than 1250m2. A new player in the region, but as the name says, SLOEPENSPECIALIST. Years of experience in the industry mean that our advisors and technical people live up to this name! A nice idea and familiar feeling when buying your new boat! We are able to listen and will put together your dream boat together with you. In our showroom you will find a large collection of Corsiva sloops & tenders, Primeur sloops & tenders, STOUT sloops and Prins Console boats. In addition, we supply the electrically driven catfish sloops and fast-sailing Steelfish sloops, both made of aluminum. We supply A-brand engines from Suzuki (outboard engines) and Craftsman (diesel engines). We do not consider the chance that you will succeed with us to be very small. So please feel free to take a look in our showroom. You are welcome and the coffee is ready! Your benefits at a glance: - Spacious, well-organized showroom (more than 1250m2 boat fun). - New player on the market and yet trusted by years of experience. - We take the time for you and you receive honest and thorough advice, even when you come to orient yourself. You will find the brands: Corsiva, Primeur, STOUT, Steelfish, Meerval, and 4Family sloops. We are also dealer of: Prins Console boats.

  • Sloop specialist
    Track angle 128
    3361 GM Sliedrecht
    show on map
  • 3b351219-0883-4fc9-bc07-f91d136dab0a

DaVinci Yachts

Imagine that there would be a yacht with which you can cruise as carefree as water skiing. With which you can celebrate a holiday with two or with the family. In which no compromises were made with regard to build quality, materials or finish. The design of which you can largely adapt to your own design. And of which both the building process and the possession are a carefree experience. What reason would you still have for not wanting that yacht? That yacht exists. DaVinci Yachts.

  • DaVinci Yachts
    It Swee 8
    8621 EB Heeg
    show on map
  • 3483

VMG Yachtbuilders bv

VMG Yachtbuilders is a builder of two semi-custom brands: Puffin Yachts & Agile Yachts. Craftsmanship combined with the most up-to-date and sophisticated production methods and machines are key for our yard to realize all our client's nautical wishes. From complete custom building of new yachts to refits, from application of teak decks to restoration of old classical yachts and all carpentry inside and out. Also composite building of parts, hulls, superstructures or complete yachts belongs to our specialties. Put your wishes and ideas for a new-built or existing motor or sailing yacht on the table and have us to advise you on the possibilities free of obligations.

  • VMG Yachtbuilders bv
    Full mill 9
    1601 ET Enkhuizen
    show on map
  • 31b13934-daa5-4d92-8b2d-a17390867266

Floris Watersport

Floris Watersport is a company that specializes in the purchase and sale of pleasure boats. They sell all kinds of pleasure boats from large to small, in various price ranges. They are located in the luxurious Jachthaven Biesbosch in Drimmelen. Here you will find the sales pier, the sales square, showroom and office.

  • Floris Watersport
    Scharlo 8
    5165 NG Waspik
    show on map
  • 4853

Rivera Nautic Water sport

Rivéra Nautic welcomes you to Heeg, the water paradise of southwest Friesland. The Heegermeer, the Fluessen, the large Gaastmeer and the Oudegaaster Brekken offer many possibilities for a wonderful boat trip. Would you rather go to larger waterways? You can reach the IJsselmeer in just a 1,5 hour and the Wadden Islands can be reached within a day.

  • Rivera Nautic Water sport
    The iisbaan 10N
    8731 DW Wommels (Friesland)
    show on map
  • 2001224

Aquatec Industries

The Frisian Aquatec Industries is the largest slogan builder in the Netherlands. With the modern Antaris, the exclusive Makma and the classic Maril, Aquatec Industries offers something for every water sports enthusiast. All boats are united in an 1.500 m2 large indoor showroom in the Frisian Woudsend, which makes the sloops builder her own beautiful in-water all year round. boatshow.

  • Aquatec Industries
    The Swan 28
    8551 RK Woudsend
    show on map
  • 3584

Passet Watersport

Rob Passet has been active in water sports for many years, in 1994 he started his company Passet Waterport. At Passet Watersport you will find sloops, fish & console boats, rubber boats and outboard motors all under one roof. Thanks to the excellent location in the ponds area of ​​the Vinkeveense Plassen, it is possible to immediately try out your acquisition.

  • Passet Watersport
    Winkeldijk 20
    3645 AP Vinkeveen
    show on map
  • 1774


Verschuur Watersport is located in Rijnsaterwoude and has become a household name in the world of water sports during this time. Verschuur Watersport has the largest showroom in the Netherlands with over 20.000 m2 of water sports experience, and always has a lot of sloops in stock. You can go to Verschuur Watersport for the purchase of boats, motorbikes, trailers and accessories. But you are also at the right address for the maintenance and repair of various brands of engines and winter storage. Verschuur Watersport is dealer of many famous brands, but also for a reliable occasion.

    Herenweg 10a
    2465 AA Rijnsaterwoude
    show on map
  • 1863


Who are we? Bobsloepen is a team of people with expertise, knowledge and experience in the boat building and water sports industry. We carry our own, authentic product line and do production and finishing for other water sports companies. Each ship is a sophisticated concept in which we look very carefully at how a boat is used. Which properties give you as an owner the right feeling? We like to work on this with passion down to the smallest detail. After all, a ship is something personal, in which your wishes must prevail. With the aforementioned ingredients, we ultimately believe in achieving the perfect match and achieving your dream boat. Aluminum sloops: our showpiece We, but especially our customers, are very enthusiastic about our aluminum models. After all, an aluminum boat is lightweight, strong and safe, durable, comfortable, requires little maintenance, does not require winter storage and is also very flexible during installation and removal. And last but not least, the boat has a sleek, cool and timeless appearance! Repair & maintenance of your boat You can contact us for all repairs: either damage (large or small) or defect to your vessel. Feel free to inquire! Are you curious? If you want to know what is involved in the construction of a new or conversion of an existing boat, please feel free to contact us. We are open to all your ideas and wishes and would like to make your dream ship a reality!

  • BobSloepen
    Warp 41a
    8281 JW Genemuiden
    show on map
  • 5829

Yacht brokerage the Maas

With us this family business, the customer is central, whether you are looking for a boat, need a berth or have a technical problem, they are looking for a solution. The power of Jachtmaelaardij de Maas lies in the combination of services, from a centrally located marina in the Netherlands. They advise you in accordance with the market, the state of maintenance and, in addition to the inspection, also supervise any modifications that you wish.

  • Yacht brokerage the Maas
    Jan Klingenweg 3
    5335 JK Alem
    show on map
  • 1706

Langweerder Sloep

Characteristics of the Langweerder Sloep: elegant, strong, loyal and stable in the water. The Langweerder sloops are originally lifeboats intended for the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this history, the Langweerder Sloepen stand for reliability and stability. The Langweerder Sloop is exactly as a sloop is intended; spacious, comfortable, maintenance-friendly, stable and very extensively equipped as standard. All models can be expanded and reduced entirely to your own wishes.

  • Langweerder Sloep
    Pontdijk 8
    8525 GG Langweer
    show on map
  • 1866

Canal boat

Canal boat is the main supplier of stylish and robust canal boats in Amsterdam. They guarantee a beautiful canal boat including engine for the lowest price.

  • Canal boat
    Nieuwendammerdijk 534
    1023 BX Amsterdam
    show on map
  • 2000010

Boat Center Voorne Putten

A real company that is always ready for you. With the fully equipped service bus and service boat, they can always help you with calamities! In addition, thanks to years of experience in water sports, they offer the best service and maintenance. They offer service, service and maintenance to ALL inboard and outboard engines, gasoline and diesel. Also new and used for your Honda, Mercruiser / Mercury parts.

  • Boat Center Voorne Putten
    Zanddijk 5
    3233 XJ Oostvoorne
    show on map
  • 6680


ZuidWesterSloep stands for a carefree aluminum sloop. ZuidWesterSloep is quality. So low-maintenance, economical, sustainable and serving. Since 2010.

  • ZuidWesterSloep
    Kometensingel 172
    1033 BZ Amsterdam
    show on map
  • 7019

Boatland Boatservice Dannijs

We import various brands for competitive prices. Glastron, Monterey and Rinker sport boats. and also Sea-Fox console boats In addition to new boats, you can come to us for used cars, outboards and trailers. We are also specialized in all kinds of watersports articles from the most famous brands.

  • Boatland Boatservice Dannijs
    Setheweg 18
    7942 LB Meppel
    show on map
  • 1527

Brinks Watersport BV

Brinks Water Sports has been a familiar concept in the field of water sports for years. They are active in the sale of new sloops, tenders, console boats and outboard engines. You will also find a wide range of used boats and outboard motors in different price ranges at Brinks Watersport. You are also at the right place for maintenance and repairs at Brinks Watersport.

  • Brinks Watersport BV
    Galvanistraat 6
    3861 NJ Nijkerk
    show on map
  • 2001539

Shone Outboard Service

Sheen outboard service has been a household name in water sports for many years. From out the wider area of ​​Amsterdam, water sports enthusiasts shone outboard service for the latest techniques around outboard and inboard engines. You have come to the right place for new or used engines. Through years of experience, we can also help you repair and / or maintain your outboard or inboard motor. for more information: showroom Treubweg 18 1112 ba Diemen 020-3315933

  • Shone Outboard Service
    train path 18
    1112BA Diemen
    show on map
  • 8b15b4f5-ed3d-4509-a47d-ba7c47a87c24

Bakker Boats

Bakker Boten in De Kwakel is there for the purchase and sale of boats, both new and used. In addition to boats, we also sell Motorcycles and Trailers. Also all boats available from stock.

  • Bakker Boats
    Elder 140
    1424 RS Kwakel
    show on map
  • 3863

JH Watersport

JHwatersport has the Lago Amore boat for sale for you; a nice stable boat that is well on the water. Pay attention, with this sloop you will experience unforgettable water sports fun! Of course we also have a tender version of the Lago amore sloop for sale. This Tender is known for its higher sailing speed and sporting lines. So you buy a boat for someone with a sporty sailing style! Do you prefer to buy a used second hand boat or sloop? We also have a wide range of used sloops of well-known brand such as Antaris and Corisiva on offer.

  • JH Watersport
    North side 27b
    4225 PH Noordeloos
    show on map
  • 2001482

Jachtwerf van Wijk Woubrugge

  • Jachtwerf van Wijk Woubrugge
    Boddens Hosangweg 80
    2481LA Woubrugge
    show on map
  • 2001153

Ship's circle Lathum

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Ship's circle Lathum
    The Muggenwaard 18
    6988 BX LATHUM
    show on map
  • 3954

Omtzigt Watersport

Omtzigt Watersport has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 1898, a real water sports company with a history. For years they import legendary sports boats and they also sell sloops of the famous Oud Huijzer brand. For years Omtzigt has specialized in advising and delivering the right boat.

  • Omtzigt Watersport
    Industrial quay 20
    2172 HV Sassenheim
    show on map
  • 1759

Hollandboat International Yachtbroker

Hollandboat has been known as the sales organization of the Atlantic motor yachts for over 20 years, these are known for their high quality and finish. HollandBoat also offers Ful service for your boat. From antifouling to the installation of engines everything is possible! Hollandboat has its own sales harbor and showroom directly on the IJsselmeer.

  • Hollandboat International Yachtbroker
    Suderseleane 15 15
    8711 GX Workum
    show on map
  • 5932


Powerboatscenter has been around for you since 1978, with now such an 4000m² of water fun. In the showroom of more than 1.000 m² they always try to offer a nice stock of boats. The range is divided into different types of boats, both new and used. Thanks to a varied offer, chances are that they can deliver your next dream. In addition, the workplace is more than 600m² and the trained team can always help you!

  • Powerboatscenter
    Noordkaai 30
    B-8870 Izegem
    show on map
  • 4388

Yacht brokerage Heeresloot

In our cozy sales harbor in Haskerdijken you will find a wide range of well-maintained motor yachts in every price range. Due to our short sales times you will always find a varying range of used motor yachts in our sales harbor. We are open 7 days a week. Mon-Sat from 9 am-18pm, Sun. from 11 am to 17 pm. You are welcome.

  • Yacht brokerage Heeresloot
    Tolvepaed 18
    8468 BJ Haskerdijken
    show on map
  • 2001516

De Jong Hunting Mediation

For more than 20 years, yacht mediation has been active for youngsters, with great pleasure, in the water sports. De Jong describes himself as a true water sport family. Thanks to the many years of experience they have built together, they are happy to provide you with expert advice.

  • De Jong Hunting Mediation
    Midsbuorren 24
    9003 LB Wartena
    show on map
  • 3383


Welcome to Holland Sport Boat Center a watersports shop specializing in fast sailing boats with more than 55 years of experience in water sports. With us you will find everything from dinghy to motor yacht and everything in between. With top brands like Bayliner, Sea Ray, Meridian Yachts, Waterspoor sloops, Sea Doo watercraft, Yamaha outboard engines and watercraft and Mercury and MerCruiser service point for all maintenance on your motorcycle. .

    show on map
  • 1624

Goos Watersport

Introduce !

Welcome to Goos Watersport at Grou. Since 1997 we provide service to many water sports enthusiasts who, like you, want the best for their ship
and therefore make high demands on technical expertise, safety, reliability, service and of course commitment.

Goos Watersport is a company with a 18 year a view of the future in water sports. A qualified, professional and dynamic team with permanent employees who receive annual training and are always familiar with the latest techniques in the fields of engines, electrical engineering, yacht painting and composite repairs. Our all-round yacht service company is the right address for all work on your ship. All disciplines related to ship maintenance can be found at an address. There is also a ship-carpenter and tent maker represented with us. The frost-free winter storage inside, ample storage outside and 38 berths bring the service level to a complete care

  • Goos Watersport
    Singel 24
    9001 XP Grou
    show on map
  • 2097

Felor Watersport

Felor Watersport specializes in the purchase and sale of affordable sloops, consol boats, boat trailers and outboard engines. You can also contact us for maintenance and storage. We sell both new and used boats and like to think along with you. Service and quality at an affordable price are therefore also of paramount importance to us. You are most welcome to come take a look in our showroom.

  • Felor Watersport
    Nieuwveens Jaagpad 47
    2441EK Nieuwveen
    show on map
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