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Vitrifrigo C130 130L compressor fridge / freezer 12 / 24V
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Norcold 48L compressor built-in refrigerator 12 / 24V gray, Norcold 48L compressor built-in refrigerator 12 / 24V black, Lewmar whitlock clutch kit MK1 for 89300111, Exalto De-Bug L1000 fuel sterilization system, Norcold 75L compressor built-in refrigerator 12 / 24V gray, Norcold 75L compressor built-in refrigerator 12 / 24V black, Dometic CRX110 compressor refrigerator 108L 12 / 24V, Quick Sigmar 60L stainless steel marine boiler, 4WATER inflatable life jacket 43kg + lamp 4W - 20810160-4W, Stowaway inflatable boat fenders 31X92 - 02-0403, Lectrotab Stainless steel valve 12X32 with two cylinders - T12X32-1306, Tessilmare bimini 2 white lacquered aluminum arches 110x175x140cm - T110-010-001-W, EuroMarine electric winch pull = 2700kg - T1007-C11CBS, Tecma toilet button multiframe control panel - T- PF.P11M1, Tecma toilet knob silver colored control panel - T- PF.P11A1, Lectrotab black 2 in 1 oval LED controller - SETR-61, Barnegat white bow spotlight 28x14x13 - QL3294H7604, Glomex antenna 3dB MASTHEAD series 18m coaxial cable - RA2022 / 18AUS, Vetus aluminum porthole with mosquito net - PZ673, Vetus additional sensor for gasoline vapor detection - PSENSOR, 4WATER inflatable boat Fisher 180 especially for recreational fishing - MO-180 / OSL, TF Marine spare parts / maintenance kit for HAX 1 (24V) - KIT HJX1 24V, Glomex Wifi antenna 4G (LTE) 3G, GSM - IT2000, Vetus white mosquito net with curtain for cap - HMB5038, Ritchie black built-in compass 12V - HF-742 12V

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