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106 resultaten

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No Limit Ships BS880
Bj 2008 | Dim. 8.80 m |
€ 79.500, -
Pettersson Unknown
Bj 1937 | Dim. 8.20 m |
€ 22.500, -
Bronsveen Cutter
Bj 1987 | Dim. 13 m |
€ 92.000, -
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106 Classic Motor Boats for sale on Botentekoop. Nl
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Classic motor boats

Bronsveen Cutter, Pettersson Snipa, Pettersson Unfamiliar , No Limit Ships BS880, Doggersbank Mirror cutter ok 1200, St. Joseph 500, The freeze spring salon boat, Bakdek cruiser Classic Amsterdam ship, Heroic vlet Vlet, Boesch 580 Acapulco de Luxe, Skilso 66, Bildcutter Galleon grundel , European 600, Wolf rat 23 Sportsman L, Wartenster Cabin vlet, Nicolaas Witsen Suitcase cruiser, Zuidam Deck cruiser.Unique ship, DOLL YOUNG DOLKER 1, Ladies Vlet, Svinevikens Snipa, Notary boat , Fisher F25, From lions Look, European Bakdek cruiser, Boat yard norbert stöcker - heuer Beach boat (displacer)

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