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The Oud Huijzer sloops with an outboard motor are the alternative to a diesel sloop. They are over-berth polyester pointed-hole sloops with a comfortable interior and sailing characteristics that guarantee a relaxed tour. The sloops have a classic look with a large mahogany steering wheel and cable ring all around. In addition to the outboard sloops and tenders, diesel versions are also available that offer the same sailing pleasure as traditional sloops and tenders with more favorable pricing.

For enthusiasts of fast boats there are the Oud Huijzer tender and cabin versions. The tenders are sturdy boats with a quirky design that can accommodate a large engine. The Cabins 630 and 700 also go fast. Classically designed cruisers with accommodation where you can spend a weekend or longer.

Old Huijzer models are developed and tested in the Netherlands. The construction in Poland is then intensively supervised. The molds remain the property of the Dutch importer. Counterfeiting is therefore always of lesser quality.

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Boat house Ship house
Bj 2003 | Dim. 24 m |
€ 119.000, -
Topcraft 435
Bj 2017 | Dim. 4.35 m |
€ 12.500, -
cascaruda 8.3
Bj 1980 | Dim. 8.3 m |
€ 22.000, -
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