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Botentekoop Magazine: The largest boat supply in the Netherlands!

Botentekoop Magazine: The largest boat supply in the Netherlands!
Botentekoop Magazine is the most opinion-making magazine in the boat industry. The magazine is full of the latest sailing news: from critical boat tests by Epco Ongering to the best sailing areas in the Netherlands. And of course you will find the most recent offer (new and used) in the boat market.

Where to obtain?
Botentekoop Magazine is available at various sales points throughout the Netherlands. So is Botentekoop Magazine for sale at magazine stores such as Ako, Primera and Bruna. The magazine is located at various petrol stations along the highway and on the water. You can also find the magazine on the shelf of the car magazines. Can not find the sheet or is it Botentekoop Magazine sold out? It is always possible to order the magazine through the magazine store. Then you have it within 24 hours.


Do you have a boat that you want to sell in Botentekoop Magazine? We are happy to tell you about the different possibilities! Please contact our sales department (020 - 211 10 10) so that we can contact you.

Free distribution?

As a water sports company it is possible that you Botentekoop Receive Magazine for free for your customers and / or visitors. If you are interested and for more information, please contact our sales department for more information. Tel: 020 - 211 10 10 (sales questions).

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