Boat valuation

Boat Appraisal

When buying and selling a boat it is always important that the value of the boat is determined. The reason for a boat valuation can be very different. For example, you don't want to be underinsured. Appraisal is often also a requirement for the financing and / or insurance of your boat. A valuation is often needed where a valuation is determined.

Boat valuation

5 questions about boat valuation

Are you looking for a boat valuation? Below five questions and answers about valuing your boat.

A ship valuation or boat valuation is an inspection of the boat when it comes to a valuation. It is a snapshot based on the market value at that time. A valuation is not an inspection, it is a valuation of the ship, based on the market position at the moment. The final valuation does not say that this amount will actually go under the hammer when it is sold. A boat valuation is a written statement from a certified boat valuer about the value of a boat.

When purchasing a boat it is wise to have an objective valuation or valuation carried out by an expert. There are various reasons for having your boat valued. A valuation of your sailboat, motorboat or other type of boat is important when buying and selling the boat. Often a boat appraisal is required when determining the day of a boat. Many buyers and sellers often include emotional value when buying or selling a boat. Therefore, always have a boat valuator determine the value of your boat. The outcome of a valuation report is often important when entering into a boat loan or boat insurance policy.

Every boat is unique and this naturally also applies to the value of the boat. That is why it is important that the boat is physically examined by a recognized boat appraiser. When valuing a sailing or motor boat, it is extremely important that you choose an appraiser who actually has knowledge of your brand and type of boat. Every boat is unique and that of course also applies to the value. That is why a valuation report contains a detailed description of the boat, the installations present, the interior and the equipment. In addition to this description, the following points are also included in a valuation report:
  • Purchase or sale
  • Financing for purchase or refit
  • Insurance (fixed appraisal value for three years)
  • Shared ownership
  • Estate separation
  • Inheritances
  • Bankruptcies
  • Import

The difference between the valuation of a boat and a boat valuation can sometimes not be clear. This question is actually very simple to answer. A valuation is a statement from a boat broker in which the boat characteristics and the expected sales value and the asking price advice of your boat are indicated. The valuation of a boat provides insight into what the relevant boat may cost.

However, a valuation is not sufficient for the provision of financing or insurance. Then you really need a valuation report in which all details of the boat are described objectively. An appraisal report is a complete and comprehensive report in which the value of the boat is recorded and the characteristics of the boat are described. A valuation is much less extensive than a valuation report.

There are different prices for a boat valuation. Factors such as type, year, brand, but also the berth are included in the costs of an appraisal report. There are various boat valuers who use different prices. Choose an inspector who is familiar with your brand and type of boat. So that the valuation is carried out in the right way.

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