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Speeding with a Regal, Sea Ray, Bayliner or Chris Craft is addictive. Opening the throttle and going in such a sports boat gives a sensation that no other boat type can offer you. On your way to a destination you are there quickly and between the yellow buoys you can give all passengers a memorable experience with a wakeboard or funtube. however, there are a number of requirements and rules. On is therefore to find everything that has to do with this branch of sport. Tips where you can find the best fast waterways, all the ins and outs around the license, in addition to boat tests of the latest racing cars in the water. Read all about fast sailing on our blog.

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Sail fast

5 questions about fast sailing

The minimum age for the Small Boat License 1 is 18 years. This allows you to sail fast on inland water when the rules on the spot allow it.

For motorized sailing you must be at least 12 years old. The boat may then not exceed 13 km / h. From the age of 16 it is 19,9 km / h. After that you need to get the boat license 1 to sail as fast as you dare from the age of 18.

With two engines you can maneuver easily and you have a backup in case of breakdown. A single large engine is usually lighter than two smaller engines, which improves performance. So it depends on your personal preference, budget and the possibilities that the mirror of the boat offers

An inboard offers a spacious swimming platform because the engine is hidden in an engine room with a sun bed on top. The weight distribution is also somewhat better. A boat with an outboard again has more interior space because there is no engine room. This is at the expense of the swimming platform. Outboards have been technically further developed and are somewhat up to date in terms of reliability, weight and size.

No, unless you feel like confronting a furious sailor or a big fine from a policeman with a life jacket. With boat license 1 you are dependent on the fast sailing areas that you find on Dutch inland water, recognizable by the yellow buoys. With boat license 2 you are allowed to go anywhere on larger inland waterways such as the IJsselmeer or the sea.

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