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Mooring boat


Your boat is of course a valuable asset. That is why you also want a good berth for your boat. It is important to choose a berth that meets your requirements.

The Netherlands has a lot of marinas and berths, but of course you also want one nearby. There are also other questions to answer. Are you going to rent or buy a mooring? How much budget do you have for the berth of your boat, are you looking for a cheap berth? Is there also a possibility for winter storage? Is the berth easily accessible? View here under the various berths.

Mooring boat

Company information berths


Brandsma Yachts attaches great importance to being able to sail carefree. Brandsma Yachts stands for quality, service and trust. They also have a wide range of technological disciplines at their disposal to make that possible. At brandsma, your ship is in safe hands.

    8606 KA SNEEK
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  • 3496

Jachtwerf van Wijk Woubrugge

  • Jachtwerf van Wijk Woubrugge
    Boddens Hosangweg 80
    2481LA Woubrugge
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  • 2001153

Alpha Sail Makkum

At Alpha Sail Makkum everything is possible in the field of water sports! This quiet marina is located directly on the Ijsselmeer. This port is equipped with water and electricity at the boxes, sanitary facilities plus free wifi! Alpha Sail also rents out its own sailing yachts from the marina, these sailing yachts are fully equipped with all the necessities to make it a top adventure. The competitive rental rates that Alpha Sail Makkum applies include berth in the marina, gas consumption and instruction in the port. They also offer the possibility to rent a yacht with skipper, especially for day trips.

  • Alpha Sail Makkum
    Stranwei 17
    8754 HA Makkum FR
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  • 2001441

Ad Spek water sports

Ad Spek watersports in Leidschendam mediated in used boats and is a yard for new boats. At the wharf in South Holland you will find motor yachts and sailing boats. Ad Spek Water Sports Ad Spek Water Sports located in Leidschendam (between Leiden and Voorschoten) mediated in various new and used boats. At the wharf in South Holland you will find sloops, console, motor and sailing boats ..

  • Ad Spek water sports
    Rietpolderweg 2
    2266 BM Leidschendam
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  • 3516


Van Roeden watersports sell sloops, tour boats, fishing boats, launch boats and sailing yachts, but also outboard motors, electric motors and accessories, boat trailers and much more. So if you want to buy a boat or sloop, then you've come to the right place at van Roeden! You can also contact Van Roeden for a berth in the quiet harbor, winter storage for your boat (inside / outside) and all maintenance and repair work on your boat.

    8621 CV HEEG
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  • 8331

Zeeland Boats BV

If you want to buy a boat, you have come to the right place at Zeeland Boats. Our range includes various types of boats. For example, Zeeland Boats has console boats, sloops and tenders, ribs and rubber boats and sports boats. We have console boats in lengths of approximately 4 to 7 meters. The console boats that you can buy at Zeeland Boats are from the Prins brand and have engines from 70 HP to 200 HP. The sizes of the boats differ from each other. This is also the case with the type of engine, the maximum number of people that can get on the boat, the empty weight and so on. To find out more about these characteristics, it is best to consult our range. In addition to console boats, there are also sloops and tenders for sale at Zeeland Boats. The models we have are 4 Family, Primeur and Stout. The sloops and tenders have an inboard motor or an outboard motor. Sloops and tenders are perfect for a quiet day on the water or a sporty afternoon. The sloops and tender are also for sale including an engine. For this it is best to consult the range to see what the possibilities are. Ribs and rubber boats are also for sale at Zeeland Boats. You can choose the models with an aluminum bottom or a hard bottom. A Rib has a hard bottom and a rubber boat a soft bottom. The brands and types we have are from Honwave, Zodiac Cadet and Zodiac Medline. The ribs and rubber boats that you can buy at Zeeland Boats have a beautiful shape, which makes them extra comfortable to sail. The fact that the ribs and rubber boats are equipped with the latest techniques also contribute to this. View our range to view all possibilities. Finally, there is the category of sports boats. Our sports boat of the brand Phantom with the type 21ft falls under this category. The maximum engine power is 250 HP and the type of engine is a long tail. With a length of 6,40 meters and a width of 1,72 meters, it can accommodate up to 5 people. This Phantom speedboat that you can buy at Zeeland Boats is very light and fast. Click on this boat to view more specific details about this speedboat.

  • Zeeland Boats BV
    Uijterschootweg 22
    4338 PN Middelburg
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Holland Marine Service

HMS has its own sales port and 30 years of experience in ship brokerage. HMS can answer all your questions regarding the purchase / sale, valuation of ships.

  • Holland Marine Service
    Harderhaven 40
    3898 LN Zeewolde
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  • 2798

Yacht brokerage Heeresloot

In our cozy sales harbor in Haskerdijken you will find a wide range of well-maintained motor yachts in every price range. Due to our short sales times you will always find a varying range of used motor yachts in our sales harbor. We are open 7 days a week. Mon-Sat from 9 am-18pm, Sun. from 11 am to 17 pm. You are welcome.

  • Yacht brokerage Heeresloot
    Tolvepaed 18
    8468 BJ Haskerdijken
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  • 2001516


Jachthaven Achterbos is importer of Asloep / Atender and B & C lifestyle boats. This beautiful collection is located in the showroom at Jachthaven Achterbos in Vinkeveen.

    BACKROX 22 B
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  • 3471


As a water sports enthusiast you have the best job when the hobby has got out of hand. That is the case with the family company Bmarine. They now do much more than purchase, sale and brokerage. They have grown into a full service water sports company. Bmarine relieves you with a team of real boat enthusiasts and a complete service. With berths, winter storage, maintenance, repairs, insurance and advice.

  • Bmarine
    Singel 12
    9001 XP Grou
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  • 5239

Scandinavian Yachts Workum

Scandinavian Yachts is a full-service water sports company specialized in Scandinavian yachts and other yachts in the higher segment. It is a small company where quality is paramount and communication with the customer is central. Scandinavian Yachts therefore approaches the sale from a completely different angle than an average broker. For them it is very important that both the current and new owner leave the company satisfied. They not only sell a yacht, but they also have the approach to enter into a relationship with the customer for the long term. So even after the sale they still provide service and you can contact them with all your questions.

  • Scandinavian Yachts Workum
    Suderselaene 13
    8711 GX Workum
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  • 7848

Pasterkamp Yacht and Scheepstimmerbedrijf BV

  • Pasterkamp Yacht and Scheepstimmerbedrijf BV
    The Hayfield 12
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  • 3727

Jachthaven t Leuken Valckx Watersport

We offer you luxurious facilities and a comprehensive service, such as selling new and used boats, mediation of sales or purchase of your boat, sail maker, boat accessories and ski shop, moorings and winter storage.

  • Jachthaven t Leuken Valckx Watersport
    The Camp 7
    5855 EG Well
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  • 1693

Ship's circle Lathum

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Ship's circle Lathum
    The Muggenwaard 18
    6988 BX LATHUM
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  • 3954

De Drijfveer & Tusken de Marren

Looking for a new boat? View our offer! Is your ship there? Please contact us and welcome to Akkrum. In the middle of Friesland, perfectly accessible by rail and highway.

  • De Drijfveer & Tusken de Marren
    Ulbe Twijnstrawei 31
    8491 CJ AKKRUM
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  • 3964

Watersport Center Kerkdriel

Our company is centrally located in the Netherlands on a side-arm of the Meuse, making it an eldorado for water sports enthusiasts.

  • Watersport Center Kerkdriel
    Maasbandijk 1E
    5331 KB kerdriel
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  • 4303

DSA yachts

DSA Yachts specializes in the construction of exclusive, luxury steel motor yachts from 10 to 18 meters. Because the company has brought together all the required facilities under one roof, a flexible and customer-oriented approach is possible. Thanks to its central location in Ossenzijl, between Friesland and Overijssel, the yard has grown into a fully-fledged nautical center with all conceivable facilities. Contessa Marina is the beating heart, combined with the covered harbor and luxurious ship houses. Customers can go to the yard for service and maintenance, the conditioned winter storage and the sales harbor for the used ships.

  • DSA yachts
    Opdijk 16
    8376 HH Ossenzijl
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  • 2000820

Mared Marine

Mared Marine is a dynamic company with a clear vision: Our customers determine our success! Mared Marine is the address for new and young used sloops, yachts and sport boats. We are also the address for mediation, winter storage and maintenance.

  • Mared Marine
    Setheweg 47
    7942 LA Meppel
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  • 4747

Jachthaven Meppel BV

  • Jachthaven Meppel BV
    Zomerdijk 35
    7942 JS Meppel
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  • 1733

Connect Yachtbrokers

  • Connect Yachtbrokers
    Volmolen 4B
    1601 ET Enkhuizen
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  • 799e97a2-c9f8-486b-9c95-9234e314ac54

Yacht brokerage the Maas

With us this family business, the customer is central, whether you are looking for a boat, need a berth or have a technical problem, they are looking for a solution. The power of Jachtmaelaardij de Maas lies in the combination of services, from a centrally located marina in the Netherlands. They advise you in accordance with the market, the state of maintenance and, in addition to the inspection, also supervise any modifications that you wish.

  • Yacht brokerage the Maas
    Jan Klingenweg 3
    5335 JK Alem
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  • 1706

Boat center

The Sloepen Center was established with the aim of offering a total solution for the current skipper. They offer every opportunity to make your life easier. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, Sloepencentrum is a reliable partner in the field of purchasing, sales and maintenance of boats, sloops and engines.

  • Boat center
    Lock area 49
    1911 BC Uitgeest
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  • 2000870

Mars, camping marina de

  • Mars, camping marina de
    Marsweg 6
    6988 BM Lathum
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  • 6393

Yacht Center Warns

Yacht Center Warns is happy to help you with buying a boat, selling your boat, Appraisal, Repair, Moorings and Special offers. At Yacht Center Warns you will find Marina Friesland in the beautiful marina.

  • Yacht Center Warns
    Ymedaem 3
    8722 HP Warns
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  • 2783

Loosdrecht Yachting

We specialize in the sale of motor yachts, cutters and barges in the length class from 10 to 15 meters. In our sales marina, we offer a varied selection from 50 to 100 throughout the year by our selected yachts.

You will find: Aquanaut, Vacance, Falcon, Grand Banks, Smelne, Bege, etc.

  • Loosdrecht Yachting
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 165
    1231 LV Loosdrecht
    show on map
  • 3736

Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV

Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV is a small-scale marina that has 16 berths and various rental boats for water sports enthusiasts with luxury wishes. The marina is in a quiet location, right next to 'Finley Het Witte Huis' and has a magnificent view over the water. The marina is equipped with professionally installed camera security for day and night surveillance. Take a look around on the Dijkzicht website for the possibilities to buy, rent or store a boat. In addition, you can also come to Dijkzicht for maintenance and repairs to your boat.

  • Dijkzicht Loosdrecht BV
    Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 240 A
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  • 2001503

Bonnema Watersport

Discover the Loosdrecht Lakes and De Vecht with a sloop, motor boat or explore the nature around the Vuntusplas by canoe or row boat with a boat from Bonnema Watersport. Or how about relaxing on our sampan (drink) boat or an active day with one of our pedal canoes? At Bonnema Watersport you can rent various types of boats. You can also contact us for renting bicycles or obtaining a fishing license.

  • Bonnema Watersport
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 272c
    1231 NK Loosdrecht
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  • 6209


Builder of the Boarncruisers (10-22 m), importer of the Marex (6.5 to 12 m), seller of quality yachts, operator of a marina and above all supplier of water sports fun! Boarn to cruise ... a way of life.

    Industrial whey 2
    9011 WH Jirnsum
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  • 1505

Marina Lemmer-in

Marina Lemmer offers the possibility to offer your yacht for sale from their beautiful, busy and very accessible marina. Jachthaven Lemmer-binnen offers all facilities and services for a comfortable stay. The port has space for more than 350 ships. There are many fixed berth holders and there is always room enough for passers-by. You are therefore very welcome.

  • Marina Lemmer-in
    Plattedijk 10
    8531 PB Lemmer
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  • 8115

Sailingcenter Langweer

In the sales harbor of Sailingcenter Langweer there are always a number of used sailing yachts available for sale. These sailing yachts do not come from the rental, but come from private owners. A very versatile sales port with many options.

  • Sailingcenter Langweer
    Pontdijk 8 C
    8525 GG Langweer
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  • 7592

Dolman Yachting BV

Dolman Yachting is an active EMCI Registered international yacht broker and is a member of the NBMS with its own sales port in Zeewolde. We mainly deal in motor yachts. You can come to us for both buying and selling a motor yacht. Also from your own berth! The sale is made largely from our sales port in Zeewolde but also from our own client's location. You are welcome to visit ships at our sales platform, preferably by appointment. Many aspiring buyers ask about the technical qualities of a yacht, want to know everything about the engine and the living possibilities on board and of course see if the ship fits within the intended budget. We know exactly what the market looks like in these areas through close contact with shipyards and fellow brokers at home and abroad. Our approach is supported by knowledge in the market. We are happy to make an appointment with! You are welcome !

  • Dolman Yachting BV
    Slinger road 7b
    3896 LD Zeewolde
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  • 2012

Geijsman Jachthaven BV

  • Geijsman Jachthaven BV
    Zanddijk 5
    3233 XJ Oostvoorne
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  • 1582

Schepenkring Delta Marina Kortgene

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Schepenkring Delta Marina Kortgene
    4484 NV KORTGENE
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  • 5755

North-Line & Kuster Yachts

North-Line Yachts has been based at the Van Harinxmakanaal in Harlingen since 2012. This is the place where Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen, founded in 1976, has made way for North-Line Yachts and has grown into an all-round yacht yard. In 2015, North-Line Yachts has taken over Consonant Yachts and has continued the construction of Kuster motor yachts under the name Kuster Yachts. In addition to the new construction of the North-Line and Kuster motor yachts, the yard also focuses on maintenance, repair, paneling, winter storage, yacht brokerage and berths. All facilities are available at the shipyard complex to be able to produce a ship itself from start to finish.

  • North-Line & Kuster Yachts
    Kelvinstraat 2
    8861 ND Harlingen
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  • 8407

Mulder Shipyard

Mulder Shipyard is a truly traditional family business. They have been building beautiful motor yachts for more than 75 years and are known worldwide for the quality work they provide. The Mulders mainly owe their fame to its three specialties: The classic Super Favorite Cruisers, the later Favorite Superior and the Mulder Custom Build motor yachts. Every motor yacht is known for its classic lines, high quality and an ultimate sailing experience. To date, Mulder is still at the helm and they lead the Dutch market in yacht building.

  • Mulder Shipyard
    Hoge Rijndijk 277
    2382 AN Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk
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  • 3094

Holland Sport Boat Center Watercraft

A family business with more than 65 years of experience in the field of fast sailing motor boats, a harbor with more than 250 berths and a super cozy terrace. The very first Bayliner importer from the Netherlands with the largest sorted Bayliner showroom in Europe.

  • Holland Sport Boat Center Watercraft
    Zuiderzeeweg 2
    1095 KG Amsterdam- Zeeburg
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  • 6672

Jachtwerf Oost bv

Jachtwerf Oost is mainly known for its Oostvaarders and since 1968 known as builder of these striking Oostvaarders: tough, robust and seaworthy yachts, which have found their way to all parts of the world. Since the first ship started, more than 120 have been built.

  • Jachtwerf Oost bv
    Ljouwerterdyk 37
    8491 GB Akkrum
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  • 3855

Boat Center Voorne Putten

A real company that is always ready for you. With the fully equipped service bus and service boat, they can always help you with calamities! In addition, thanks to years of experience in water sports, they offer the best service and maintenance. They offer service, service and maintenance to ALL inboard and outboard engines, gasoline and diesel. Also new and used for your Honda, Mercruiser / Mercury parts.

  • Boat Center Voorne Putten
    Zanddijk 5
    3233 XJ Oostvoorne
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  • 6680

Hemrik Marine

20.000m2 watersports fun. The most complete water sports center in the Northern Netherlands.
Frauscher, Four Winns, sloops, console-fish, sail-dinghies, ribs
Ship houses, winter storage, boat ramp 25 tons, all maintenance, gas station diesel, gasoline, water, dirt / bilge.Shop from 700m2

  • Hemrik Marine
    Junokade 2
    8938 AC Leeuwarden
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  • 5508

Corvette Yacht brokerage

Korvet specializes in the successful purchase and sale of polyester sloops and motor yachts up to 15 meters. The Korvet team does everything to make the purchase and sale of your boat as pleasant and smooth as possible. They offer different packages so that you can choose where Korvet helps: From the start package to the premium package where they literally take care of everything. Regardless of which package you choose, they always help you in a professional, personal and enthusiastic way.

  • Corvette Yacht brokerage
    Scheendijk 23
    3621 VC BREAK
    show on map
  • 2001510

Yacht broker Lodewijk Bos Baarn BV

Yacht brokerage Lodewijk Bos Baarn sells used and new pleasure craft. Professionalism and enthusiasm make us a valuable and reliable partner. With a small organization, they put the interests of clients first at all times. Personal attention, flexibility and guidance are important factors in this. Yacht brokerage Lodewijk Bos his motto is: agreement is agreement! In addition, Jachmakelaardij Lodewijk Bos also helps you sell your ship. They achieve the best sales results by offering yachts from the sales harbor. That is why they have boxes in the water and places on shore. All facilities that are needed to be able to provide the customer with everything, are also present!

  • Yacht broker Lodewijk Bos Baarn BV
    South End 4
    3741 LG Baarn
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  • 4382

Schepenkring Warten

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible.

  • Schepenkring Warten
    9003 MC WARTEN
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  • 3281

Newpoint Moverbo BV

Newpoint Moverbo is a full service yacht brokerage, specializing in the brokerage of used sailing and motor yachts with an average length between the 20 and 65ft. Newpoint Moverbo is your best business point of contact in water sports. They organize the purchase and / or sale of your precious possession. As a yacht broker, they also give you expert advice on various insurance options, ship financing, maintenance work, transport of the yacht in Europe and professional deliveries.

  • Newpoint Moverbo BV
    Markweg Zuid 1
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  • 2001237

Bunsberg Yachting

Bunsberg Yachting is a young and dynamic water sports company. We sell new and used sloops from our own sales port in Aalsmeer. Tuesday through Friday by appointment.

  • Bunsberg Yachting
    Oosteinderweg 287
    1432AW Aalsmeer
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  • 2001535


Welcome to Holland Sport Boat Center a watersports shop specializing in fast sailing boats with more than 55 years of experience in water sports. With us you will find everything from dinghy to motor yacht and everything in between. With top brands like Bayliner, Sea Ray, Meridian Yachts, Waterspoor sloops, Sea Doo watercraft, Yamaha outboard engines and watercraft and Mercury and MerCruiser service point for all maintenance on your motorcycle. .

    show on map
  • 1624

Yacht service East Netherlands

Welcome to Jachtservice Oost Nederland Terborg

We are Jos Jansen and Andre Bouhuijs. For more than 20 years we have been an all-round water sports company with its own sailmaker's.

  • Yacht service East Netherlands
    Akkermansbeekweg 9
    7061 ZA Terborg
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  • 3706

Schepenkring Jachtmakelaardij Hattem

Schepenkring has 7 sales ports spread throughout the country, with a unique offering in every sales port. In addition, Schepenrking can help you to get your ship to the market as wide as possible. In addition, Hattem Yacht Brokerage also has a motorhome parking space!

  • Schepenkring Jachtmakelaardij Hattem
    Geldersedijk 20
    8051 ER HATTEM
    show on map
  • 1822

Schepenkring Yacht brokers Lelystad

Come to one of the 7 Shipping Centers for the purchase of your yacht. You can choose from a wide range of good construction sites. FOR MORE INFO: WWW.SCHEPENKRING.NL

  • Schepenkring Yacht brokers Lelystad
    Parkhaven 3
    8242 PE Lelystad
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  • 3570

Smelne Yachtcenter BV

Smelne Yachtcentre is already one of the most flexible shipyards in the Netherlands! Smelne offers a very wide choice of 37 models that they build entirely to your liking, all luxury steel motor yachts of high quality. In addition, they have 2.400 m2 space for winter storage, approximately 90 berths in the harbor and 36 covered berths in the Smelne Marina. All in all, Smelne Yachtcentre is the versatile address for: New construction, sales mediation, winter storage and maintenance.

  • Smelne Yachtcenter BV
    The Steven 26
    9206 AX Drachten
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  • 2717


Boatsale Yachtbrokers, your trusted Hiswa certified Yacht Broker. With its own sales port, Boatsale Yachtbrokers is an important and trusted player in water sports. You can stop by at any time in Raamsdonksveer.

  • Boatsale
    Kartuizerstraat 12
    4941 EE Raamonksveer
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  • 7742

Peekstok BV

Are you looking for a used sports boat? Then you've come to the right place at Peekstok. Peekstok has been involved in the purchase and sale of used sports boats for years. They meet a selection of various neat boats at competitive prices.

  • Peekstok BV
    Van der Waalsweg 25
    3241 ME Middelharnis
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  • 7312

ADB Yachting

ADB Yachting is a young and dynamic company based in Enkhuizen. They provide various services for your boat from the yacht yard. Thanks to their many years of experience, they are able to take care of all your yacht maintenance, with the specialization of installing electronic equipment. They are also active as a Yacht Broker with a passion for quality built Dutch yachts. At ADB Yachting they like a personal approach and customization for every customer.

  • ADB Yachting
    Volmolen 4C
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  • 2001519

GT Yacht brokers

The office in Stellendam has a sales harbor where part of the offer can be viewed. It is not mandatory to deposit your yacht with GT Yachtbrokers, but it does have this preference. GT Yachtbrokers never let customers view your ship on your own. They guide the buyer to your ship throughout Europe. For example, you can find their ships in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Croatia and France. Due to the international character of GT Yachtbrokers, they work together with colleagues all over the world.

  • GT Yacht brokers
    Kabbelaarbank 11, Scaffold K1
    3253 ME Ouddorp
    show on map
  • 2001219

MSC Marine Center Maaseik

MSC MarineCenter Maaseik has been a leader for many years in: Sale of accessories for your boat, repairs, overhaul, winter storage, sale of all brands of new boats. Many satisfied customers have gained a positive experience with the service and expertise in the field of purchase and sale or mediation.

  • MSC Marine Center Maaseik
    Houtweg 220
    3680 Maaseik
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  • 3589

Jachthaven Liesveld BV

  • Jachthaven Liesveld BV
    New Port 1A
    2959 AT Streefkerk
    show on map
  • 1695

Goos Watersport

Introduce !

Welcome to Goos Watersport at Grou. Since 1997 we provide service to many water sports enthusiasts who, like you, want the best for their ship
and therefore make high demands on technical expertise, safety, reliability, service and of course commitment.

Goos Watersport is a company with a 18 year a view of the future in water sports. A qualified, professional and dynamic team with permanent employees who receive annual training and are always familiar with the latest techniques in the fields of engines, electrical engineering, yacht painting and composite repairs. Our all-round yacht service company is the right address for all work on your ship. All disciplines related to ship maintenance can be found at an address. There is also a ship-carpenter and tent maker represented with us. The frost-free winter storage inside, ample storage outside and 38 berths bring the service level to a complete care

  • Goos Watersport
    Singel 24
    9001 XP Grou
    show on map
  • 2097

Heech by de Mar BV

Heech by de Mar has built up a very good name in the Round and flat bottom world. Heech by de Mar has a nice sales harbor where there is always a varying range of flat-bottomed boats.

  • Heech by de Mar BV
    The Drain 37
    8621 CZ Heeg
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  • 2921

Yacht brokerage Serry Loosdrecht

At Yacht brokerage firm Serry Loosdrecht, water sport is in the blood. That's why they know exactly what their customers think is important; craftsmanship, commitment and service. At the well-equipped yard they can take care of all common work in the field of maintenance, repair and damage repair. They also help you through the entire sales process.

  • Yacht brokerage Serry Loosdrecht
    Old Loosdrechtsedijk 249
    1231 LX Loosdrecht
    show on map
  • 1998

DaVinci Yachts

Imagine that there would be a yacht with which you can cruise as carefree as water skiing. With which you can celebrate a holiday with two or with the family. In which no compromises were made with regard to build quality, materials or finish. The design of which you can largely adapt to your own design. And of which both the building process and the possession are a carefree experience. What reason would you still have for not wanting that yacht? That yacht exists. DaVinci Yachts.

  • DaVinci Yachts
    It Swee 8
    8621 EB Heeg
    show on map
  • 3483


Stoop Jachtbouw, builder of the Enkhuizen sloops and Tenders, quality sloops with a genuine character of the original lifeboat. For more than 25 years, Stoop has been building sloops, tenders and cruisers in a traditional and purely Dutch way. All unique ships that are built by hand according to the specification of the client. Ships that are suitable for pleasure craft as well as for commercial shipping, because only the best materials are used.

    show on map
  • 3263

Yachtbroker 4Beaufort

Yacht broker 4Beaufort shares your passion for water. And from that passion we would like to help you find the right yacht or to find a new owner for your yacht. We like clear agreements, honesty and reliability.

  • Yachtbroker 4Beaufort
    Visiting address: Selfhelpweg 9
    8607 AB Sneek
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  • 2001446

Unique Boat Design

Unique Boat Design specializes in the construction and sale of sloops and console boats. We are official dealer of: - Corsiva - Damarin - Admiral - Riviera - We have a wide range of products in our heated showroom. We guarantee reliable and honest advice.

  • Unique Boat Design
    Buijs Ballotstraat 2
    2693BE 's-Gravenzande
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  • 7729

DEBA Marine Bv

DEBA Marine bv is an all-round water sports company where you can go for the purchase or sales mediation of your sports boat, ski boat or motor yacht. DEBA Marine bv is an importer of BAYLINER and MALIBU ski and wakeboard boats. In addition, we supply sports boats and motor yachts of various brands at your request, which you prefer.

  • DEBA Marine Bv
    Zwarteweg 6
    6916 KC Tolkamer
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eSailing is a modern yacht broker. Your ship is presented as much as possible on the internet and social media. ESailing consists of three completely independent locations throughout the Netherlands. ESailing has grown very successfully in recent years and has found a new owner for many ships. You get personal guidance from your own yacht broker. Esailing has many international contacts and therefore there is a lot of international interest in the ships that are sold at eSailing.

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